Monday, September 22, 2008

Just what are some parents teaching their kids?

My blackberry goes off, I look at it, I see it's a msg from my girl J, ok I log on and see this ridiculous piece of crap! I mean seriously, as a parent it's your duty to teach your kids right from wrong. What is the purpose of teaching little girls to speak and be like this? And if you read the comments from the people, everyone is disgusted!
Ghetto parents at their best, teaching their children to be just as bad as they are! This is child abuse!


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous isn't it? Why is this cute and or funny to the individual who is prodding them on to do and say such things?

mimi said...

this is the most ridiculous thing i've evry seen...and she uploads it onto the internet?! does this woman have no shame what so ever i mean really?!