Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am no bible toting christian spouting bible verses to each and everyone.
BUT, I DO BELIEVE the BIBLE, and what's in there.

Tonight, I'm watching National Geographic and how does it look that a catholic priests is quoted saying, 
 'Do I believe the flood happened? Yes.  Do I believe Noah's Ark existed?  NO!  These people are saying, that because Noah was 500 years old at the time he received the sign from God, there's no way he could have built such a boat.  Ahhh to doubt the power of the Almighty!  I believe, I've seen enough to not believe God exists.

At times I feel so sorry for scientists.  If they can't see it, touch it, physically study it, then IT HAS NOT HAPPENED or horror of  horrors, COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!  Archaeologist, geologists, all kinds of ologists are claiming that God did not cause a great flood.  Someone even came up with a theory that meotor fell to earth which caused the great flood.  How hilarious that they won't believe GOD caused it, but a meotor fell to earth from out of  space!  My question is how did the meotor come to be in the first place?  And please don't get me started on that 'evolution' crap.

I totally believe that GOD has hidden that Ark and will reveal it when he's ready for the world to know exactly where it is.  Even thou in the Bible it states that the Ark did come to rest on Mount Ararat in Turkey. 


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