Friday, March 27, 2009

Who ever said TRIBE is full of STOOSH Behaviour People...totally LIED!

I was going through my girls C2K9 pics and I saw some rather jamishness behavior coming out of the tribe camp! And as a woman who has played with the band before, all I can say is-----FIND SOMEBODY TO JAM.

P.s. is that masquerader wearing flip flops on the road, is she serious?


The African Love Bird, is that a rip in her pantyhose, the crotch or NO?
Then there were some great makeup, umpteen cleavages, sexy older women flaunting their bodies:

Bumpas in de road, which is a Carnival sight seeing tour

Then we have a lost IP Midnight Bloomer...there are no words

I'm just glad i did not see this. I know it had to be ah man who took this shot!


Sylvia said...

ooh geed at the last pic
and that red head lady with those great boobs. lol

Carla T. said...

Nice pics, except the last. Look at the folds? I wonder if she lost a lot of weight? See this is a bod that needs surgery.

Triniqueen said...

In that last pic she look like she have tires. I'm sorry but Lawd that ent looking good!!!