Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Divorce is Around the Corner.

Recently I found out that my husband of 8 years has been having an affair with a woman in our neighborhood for 3 of those 8 years.

How could I not know this? Did I not notice his behavior or anything different? Did he not tend to my needs? Did he abandon me? Did he spend our money on her alone?

The answer to those questions is a certified NO! He always made sure that I always had everything I wanted, we took our vacations together, nothing had changed. We've always had an incredible sex life, that never changed, I truly never noticed a single thing. What's even crazier is that the woman with whom the affair has been with, USED to be a great friend of mine.

Last night I confronted him and he began to choke when I just sat at the dinner table and asked, "so, how long have you and Sharon Singh, been having this affair?" Yes, I used her real name! I literally sat there and watched him turn another color, no way I was calling 911 for his cheating ass. What I later found out after going to the bank today is that for years he's been paying her $10,000 TTD a month for their CHILD. Yes, that's right Mrs. Phillips, you have a granddaughter after all, and guess what, THE CHILD IS A BASTARD CHILD, JUST LIKE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED.

Anyway, I filed divorce papers today. I'm taking E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. even the property in the states, you should have held onto all that money you've paid to her over all these years, you will be needing it!

It is amazing just how quickly things change!




Carnival Diva said...

this has got to be a joke! i'm sitting here wondering why i had to read your blog to find out this is what's happening? steups, i real disappointed in that 'man' of yours!

dajewel1982 said...

whoa!!!! serious?!?!? be strong!!!!!

ms. hershey said...

Good lord, this is... wow. stay strong sister, keep your head up.


oh lawwwd. keep your head up. things happen for a reason. move on and tek every-damn-thing.

Carnival 'oman said...

And it never stops. NEVER! No matter how 'good' men appear to be, some shit is always under surface!