Saturday, August 23, 2008

Megan Goods' Chest

To me it seems that they are just getting BIGGER! I could be wrong, and it could just be the great heavenly wonder bra, water bra, this that, whatever, but maybe it could just be the water, and or a wonderful surgeon.
Whether natural or not, they are beautiful. Good thing I am amply endowed :)


Anonymous said...

I recently saw her on the cover of a party flyer, and they looked absolutely FAKE. They were almost eye level.

Carla said...

There is a difference that's for sure. Check pics of her when she first came on the scene...NADA! Just like Monica from Friends, lol, when she started the show she was flatter than a pancake, NOW, hmmm, and before her child, she's packing some serious implants! They are beautiful!

gervonncisamuels said...

Hmmmmm Meqan My Dream Gurl Hmmm Meqans Goods Chest i say iTs thE second mOst beautiful thing on Her body besides Her face Cuz her face is wonderfuly beautiful,, Butum Her chest Does look like is getting biqqger real talk mayb she got implants hEY the world may neva noe

But meqan Forget thomas jones the football player he Wack he only was nice cuz brett Farve drew all the attention So0o just coMe on Ova TO jeremys WOrld superstar,, Cuz One TOo0o0

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